What makes you cry?

By lhor
October 9, 2010 5:14pm CST
We have a lot of experience happened to our life, but what is the most thing happened you remember that makes you cry?
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@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
10 Oct 10
Many are causing me to cry, such as when my husband scolded me, when I heard there is my family who are sick, when I pray and ask forgiveness of my sins, when I was stressed, and much more.
• United States
10 Oct 10
I often cry when I get into a fight with those I love, mainly my father and my fiance. It'll be over something stupid, result in a screaming match, and I'll leave the room and start to cry. Other times, if I'm afraid something bad is going to happen, I'll have a complete meltdown. I must say, the worst meltdown I had was the day I was due to leave my fiance to return to Missouri. If I wasn't sleeping, I was crying, and I felt worse because eventually, he started crying too. He was trying to calm me down and I just didn't want to leave him.
@foofermen (503)
9 Oct 10
Old people crying makes me want to cry. It is hard for me to cry for some reason. My mom says I was desensitized when I was young by all of the violence I witnessed growing up. Crying seemed like such a pitiful waste of time and now I would love to be able to just bawl my eyes out. I usually get close to crying during some movies. There are a few movies with Tom Cruise that make me want to cry but I am not a huge Tom Cruise fan. When I watch the TV show Fringe, Walter sometimes makes me want to cry.
@diamania (7037)
• Netherlands
9 Oct 10
Lack of justice. If somebody close to me experiences lack of justice, I can cry. Not always real tears but internally, a harsh, painful feeling. But that's in general. I cried badly when my mum had to get me a place to sleep because there was something she had to be doing for a while. Really, I can't remember it vividly anymore, but I know I saw my mum through the window and thought she was going to leave me behind. After that we got a very mixed relationship. I had a difficult time in primary school where I cried a lot because I was being called names all the time, over and over. Last time I really cried badly was in 2009 when I was transfered to another section in the psychiatric hospital ( long story, I have a panic disorder...) where I had met fantastic people and I knew I wouldn't be seeing them anymore.
• United States
9 Oct 10
I cry during a sad movie and my husband will laugh at me and I cry when I am totally stressed out.