Liberal Arts Degrees

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October 10, 2010 1:42am CST
If you received a B.A. in Liberal Arts, what was your focus? I'm graduating in Dec. with a lib. arts degree and my concentration is religious studies. From there, I focus on Jewish studies and I'm writing my thesis on the blood libel myth in the 12th and 13th century. I feel like my program has given me a lot of room to explore different religions, literature, gender issues, languages, etc. and I've gotten the best of the liberal arts degree. Granted, I'm at a very, very liberal school with a program that's pretty much up in the air- meaning I have the freedom to design my schedule as I see fit and build a program that suits my interests. Also, just because I'm struggling with this, what sort of career do you have now?
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@nicococo (134)
10 Oct 10
I did not get a BA in Liberal Arts, but I have great respect for people with Liberal Arts degrees. I think it's great that it's all very fluid, and flexible, and those students really explore a lot of different perspectives. I think maybe your career will have something to do with your concentration. I'm not familiar with religious studies, but there should be a place in that field for you. A friend of mine took liberal arts, with a focus on art history. He now runs a gallery.
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10 Oct 10
That's exactly why I got a lib. arts degree- I wanted to be able to study many things, allow my education to flow in a way that reflected my interests and could build upon itself. I never would have had a chance to study so many of these things had I chosen a distinct path. I'm just trying to figure out what religious jobs are out there if I'm not ordained.