Which childhood event you can never forget?

October 10, 2010 1:52am CST
There are many childhood events I cannot forget. But my favorite it the following one. "When I was in class I, my home and my school was just at a distance of around 150 meters.One fine day, my teacher(female) asked me to stand up and she asked me some questions( I don't remember those questions now) for which I could not give the answers. Consequently she punished me by beating me with scale on my hand(palm) and then she made me to stand in front of the class. I was very angry. I was standing behind(a little side wise)the teacher. I was a bit sobbing but I was angry. Suddenly, I don't know, what came into my mind. I went to the teacher from behind and pulled her hair so hard that she shouted very loud and ran away to my home and hided in my bed room below the bed. After some time, she came to my home and asked my mom about me, that where I am. My mom found me in just 5 minutes. My teacher all that happened. I was sent back to class and I was tied up to the pillar with a rope. That time I was not panicking as I though I would be left very soon. But to my surprise I was kept locked in the class room itself for more than two hours even after the school was over then I was released. I can never forget that event. What is the event may be pleasant or unpleasant, that you can never forget.
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@Sanitary (3969)
• Singapore
13 Oct 10
Really?? How's that possible? How can a teacher treat u in that way? No matter what, u are a kid, a student and does not deserved such punishments for your mistakes. That teacher should be punished instead. It's way too much and she's not behaving in a professional manner too. My own experience is far better than yours. The worst i've got is only not able to go for meal breaks for just one lesson. With that, i'm scared enough because i'm really hungry at that moment.
• India
13 Oct 10
That case was around 23 years ago. And I was extremely mischievous, when I was a kid. The place I lived those days was very very tiny village.
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