do you assist old passengers?

October 10, 2010 5:32am CST
im a daily commuter on bus and i usually meet old folks who are commuters too. i just wonder why these old folks travel just by themselves. they have even difficulties on making steps inside the bus so what i do is assist them and at the same time remind them not to travel by themselves next time. sometimes some siblings are irresponsible on their old folks.
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10 Oct 10
It's funny that you talk about this now, because not more than an hour ago I encountered something somewhat related. I was travelling by jeepney and this elderly man came in. There were two guys nearest the exit and it was clear that the elderly man having a hard time getting in and finding a seat but the guys didn't move an inch to make room for him. It kinda pissed me off that some guys don't help out old passengers anymore. So yeah, I do help them out sometimes. Only if they're alone and only after I asked them if its okay that I assist them.
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• Philippines
11 Oct 10
my hands are automatic whenever i see old folks having a hard time getting in the vehicle. i think Everybody needs to know about helping options especially to old ones. it always nice to be of help to anyone and it's a great feeling for doing that. It is only with your help that we can continue to give specialist advice and information around care and support to older people, their families and caregivers and continue to campaign to influence the government and other stakeholders on older people's issues.
@marguicha (100163)
• Chile
10 Oct 10
Although I don´t usually look elderly (hair care and nice clothes help), the thing is that my joints hurt me a lot. At 65 years of age, there are lots of body parts that don´t behave as they should. Yet we have to go on living and many times we need to do errands (specialy when we are ill and have to go to doctors or have appointments for special exams). I have two divorced daughters that have to work more than they should to provide for their children. They can´t take me anywhere, unless it´s urgent. They are not irresponsible, they just cannot do more. The same goes for my friends: most of them work and it´s not easy for them to do it, let alone ask for a day off to help me go somewhere. I don´t ask for help but I feel a lot of gratitude when I encounter someone who helps me in those cases. I hope they will have a friendly hand when they get old or sick. I sugest that, instead of judging why old folks are alone in a bus, we assist them as much as we can. I do that. My joints hurt but I give my seat to a prgnant woman, to someone with a baby, to an older person. Sometimes, when I´cannot help, I do the witch part and ask a youngster to get up and give the needy their seat. We human beings are ALL responsible for each other. Take care!
@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
18 Oct 10
I also commute on my way to far places and I also get to see elderly people traveling. Most of the time, I get to see them with other people that help them so, I don't get to do my part on assisting them if ever needed. When on the bus, the person who distributes tickets would be the one who assists those who have children, have a lot of baggage and of course, the elderly. On the jeep, when an elderly person is going to come aboard, I would move further within so that space would be available nearer the opening. And in case they they are going within the jeep, I would just assist them by passing their heavy bags ahead of them.