pseudo emotion

October 10, 2010 6:05am CST
The feeling of being alive is probably due to the various emotions we have within us. I just feel that one of them, LOVE is rather a pseudo emotion. Something people cooked up centuries ago to make themselves feel better. Btw i am not talking about the mom-child, bro-sis kind of love which is very true. I just feel that the whole concept of 'sharing your life with someone you love' is just a way to escape the loneliness anad to put the rather selfish human nature in an aesthetic phrase. All people look for is 1. someone for lust 2. someone to hold on to when they are not ready to face the world alone 3. someone to cry in front of without embarasment 4. someone who would spent time with you during your twilight years when no one else wants to Now if you think all that IS love, i would ask you to explain me, 1. Do you think infidelity is love? since none of the above would guarantee that the relationship to be free of the so called 'cheating' unless people make a conscious and deliberate effort to hold on. It doesnt come naturally does it? 2. Why does life get 'monotonous' or rather the cliche that after marriage the love no longer lingers. Now please dont tell me you havent experienced this. I am just irritated because the whole world drives you into this fairy tale land with lots of love and care and etc etc and then bang.. you realise all what you thought was 'real' actually isnt so. You fool yourself into believing that someone belongs to you. That there is something called a perfect couple and other nonsense. The earlier people realize and stop expecting, the easier it is to be happy in life and the easier to get along and accept your 'companion'.
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