Can anyone please give me the recipe of home made Ice-cream Sundae?

October 11, 2010 2:52am CST
My lil daughter is crazy about ice-cream sundae. But it is not alwayz possible for her mom to take her to the ice-cream parlor. Can anyone please give me the recipe of home made Ice-cream Sundae?
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@sapaki (54)
• India
11 Oct 10
Classic Hot fudge Sundee Ingredients: ice cream (any flavor which u like) fudge toppings Whipped cream topping chopped Walnuts Cherry Place ice cream in bowl, cover with warm fudge, top fudge with whipped cream, sprinkle nuts and place the cherry in top. Eat immediately. If you do not cannot go to shop to buy ice cream, here is the small tip to prepare it. Boil the milk, add sugar, add custard powder, milk made, chopped dry fruits, once all mixed, take it from gas. Put all mixture to mixy and grind it, add milk if it require, do it for 3-4 times. Put mixture to bowl and keep it in fridge for 1-3 hours.. you can decorate the ice cream..
@flpoolbum (2934)
• United States
11 Oct 10
Hershey's chocolate syrup - The front of the label from a bottle of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
Unless you are talking about the ice cream being homemade, it is easy to make an ice cream sundae. Put some ice cream in a bowl and add some Hersey's syrup, some warm chopped nuts, and then top it off with a cherry. If you add a banana, you would have a banana split. I was raised in southeastern Michigan but one time when I was a kid I got to go on a tour of the Kellogg's cereal plant in Battle Creek, Michigan. After the tour, they gave us ice cream with Fruit Loops cereal pieces on top of it, which is another good idea. You are only limited by your imagination and what you have on hand at home. If you don't have the ingredients, put them on your grocery shopping list.