Living in life needs to have an open heart. What do you think ?

October 11, 2010 10:32am CST
Hi mylotters, It seems that the present hard living make us not take interest in other people especially the orphaned, the old, the handicapped. I expect that every of us should spend a little our valuable time caring unlucky destiny. From our affection, those will find out that life is still full of significance and help them have a feeling not be left far behind present society.
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@iamdee (158)
• Philippines
12 Oct 10
Indeed, our world today is in need of people with big hearts and open minds for the weak and the less fortunate ones. I am so grateful that our university, as a Jesuit institution, have been consistently exposing the students to less fortunate communities and experience the other side of life. Just last August, we had an immersion in a far-flung area in our city where the residents have no supply of electricity and they greatly depend on the mountains as their source of natural water. We spent two days with our foster families and I really experienced how they live their lives filled with simplicity. They get the food that they eat from their own vegetable garden and they also have plenty of fruit bearing trees which will never really make them hungry. I realized that the urban life has been so bombarded with unnecessary wants. If only we could live life as simple as how they live their life then we could have maximized our resources properly. There are lots of poor in our midst who needs all of us. We are all responsible to our fellowmen because we all are brothers and sisters in God's eyes. Let us not waste every inch of opportunity to help others because that is what a meaningful life is all about. Life is not all about making more and more money. Many financially rich people out there are not genuinely happy because they are emotionally and spiritually poor. God bless!
• Vietnam
12 Oct 10
Hi iamdee, Thanks for your emotional article. In fact, if rich people who can use a part of their fortune to share to other unlucky lives is wonderful thing. This life will be more beautiful and significant.