No iPhone 4G next year!

@ThomasVH (381)
October 11, 2010 12:52pm CST
Now we have the iPhone 4 recently brought out by Apple which supports 3G. In the coming year(s), there will be a new and faster way to sent data with your phone called 4G technology. But the new iPhone will not support this 4G technology! The main reason is that this new technology will eat the battery of your iPhone.
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@rosekiss (30270)
• Eugene, Oregon
11 Oct 10
I think the battery of the iphone might not be all that good right now anyway. I don't have an iphone, but I do have an ipod touch, and the battery life is horrible. I just leave it sit without using it and it is off, and the battery goes down. I don't think I would have the iphone if I were with AT&T, but sine I am with Verizon they will never have it. I like the phone I have just fine, even though it is only 3G, as it has a fast processor and I really like it for that alone. I have one of the Galaxy S phones, and that is the SAmsung Fascinate. It is the best phone I have ever had, even though it doesn't have flash as of yet. It will in time though. I have found the battery of this pho0ne to be not ot bad, probably much better than the iphone. It is to bad they won't have 4G on the iphone, but if it is going to eat up the battery life, then people just wouldn't like it all that much. Take care and have a very good day.
@ThomasVH (381)
• Belgium
11 Oct 10
Thanks for you reply, rosekiss. I am an iPhone 3GS user with the newest iOS 4.0 software on it and I totaly agree with you that the battery life of this device is not long enough. It only lasts one or two days when I don't use it, and only one day maximum when using it frequently during that day. Few months ago, I had an iPod Touch 2G with iOS 3.1 and I have to say that this iPod had a longer lifetime of battery than I have now with my iPhone. This is in fact not normal as an iPhone has a longer life time than and iPod Touch! So I think that they can increase lifetime also with better batteries or a better software (operatins system) so the device would last longer.