Demotivation by money...

October 11, 2010 1:05pm CST
Ever thought that money isn't actually motivating people? True that a person won't work if he/she doesn't receive any salary but when a person's focus is misled because of money, his/her performance becomes poorer. I've read this Cognitive Evaluation Theory which says that a person who is intrinsically motivated (meaning he/she loves the work as it is) when given extrinsic motivation (like bonuses, fringes, salary) loses their focus on work because they want to produce more without keeping quality and efficiency since they do it for money. I think the best motivation is having people who honestly loves their job and tell them they do great in their jobs since there is passion in it.
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@sk66rc (4261)
• United States
11 Oct 10
I know there are some exceptions. Regardless of what we're talking about, there will always be an exception. With that being said, I agree that for the most part that money isn't the only motivation that drives people to work. But with the economy the way it is, it's getting harder to look for a job solely based on our passion alone, especially people with family. I'd love to play music for a living but I know it's very unrealistic for me to think that I'm gonna go out there & make enough to support my family, especially with nothing but a bucket & a guitar. I've seen some street musicians that play great musics. They are not there to become rock stars or anything & certainly not there to make millions of dollars. I've seen few that actually have a well paying job but does it 2 - 3 times a week because they love it. They love the idea of playing their sax, guitar & whatever else they do.
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• Philippines
11 Oct 10
I wish there's a job for every passion. Like for people with a passion to cook, they could be a chef. There are musicians but not everyone hires one. If I were able to change the world, I will have people paid enough for supporting their needs if they do what they love to do as long as they contribute to the world and become useful for the society or another person. In addition to these exceptions, I think there are things that people can do for others without payment or rewards as long as they're happy to doing so. For example, wikipedia doesn't ask people for payment when we search it for info. Although it isn't very accurate or reliable (since wrong information can be given) it is free from any charges (although I think you can donate) maybe because the purpose of those who made it is to make information free for others to use. By the way, I love music too (though I'm nowhere good) and if I were able to play for others in their parties, weddings (I know Canon in the piano ^_^ hehe and I plan having it on mine) and other gatherings, I will gladly play for them because it's my passion and I won't mind not being paid for it. (Well, maybe because it's not actually a job)
@prinzcy (5055)
• Malaysia
12 Oct 10
Well, since nothing is free these days, of course money is the best choice for motivation. I don't deny that we're being lead by money. It's not easy to make someone work honestly and expect nothing in return unless it's for charity. The world doesn't work that way anymore.
• Philippines
13 Oct 10
Well, yea..everyone is in need and wants money. But if a person already loves his or her work, money might not be the best motivation..maybe some appraisals or promotions and the like would work better because if the person thinks about money, they think about the quantity of tasks they can finish without thinking about quality. It's like this: if a person's efficiency is high, the higher the monetary rewards (efficiency in using time and resources in the most productive approach) but effectiveness is not focused when employers give rewards(effectiveness is the end result/real productivity) because some outputs produced may not be in the expected quality.
@sjlskl (3384)
• Singapore
11 Oct 10
The problem is that the boss will appreciate and in due time reward the employee based on quantity. Quality and efficiency is a non-quantifiable thing that most bosses does not see even thou they might preach.
• Philippines
11 Oct 10
It would be great if people could develop a way to determine quality easily in a work environment. Like how mylot determines the quality of every discussion and responses of everyone here. I think it's a great calculation that mylot engineers did and I wonder how they did it. I'm sure that it's not the quantity of posts that people have made but the substance in their writings. If there's a way to use this in other areas like work or school, it would be very useful ^_^
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
11 Oct 10
I think there is some truth to this, but since not everyone can be lucky enough to have a job they love, employers need to find new ways to motivate their workers too I think. It's sad, but true.
• Philippines
11 Oct 10
That's true, the hard part of life and work is that not everyone gets the job they want and not every job position is loved by the person in it.