Is the sembreak truly a "sembreak"?

October 11, 2010 6:33pm CST
Good Day everyone! Students always look forward to the "sembreak". I look forward to it. But, sometimes, I ask myself is it truly a break? Do I really get to rest. A friend from facebook says that "break doesn't always mean rest". I bet he's right. It is rather an opportunity to fix things that aren't tended to on a regular semester because we are busy with "studying". How funny it is, one friend of mine said that she hates sembreaks... because she misses school, mind you, not schooling... and there's no allowance during the break. So you don't get to spend for things you like or need. Argh! what are sembreaks really for?... to rest the mind? give it a resting point? What's your opinion on this?
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12 Oct 10
I am not a student now.Working in a privated-owned company,Lower wage,no overtime wage. when students enjoy their sembreak.we are budy with work. I miss sembreak very much
@gaiza12 (4889)
• Philippines
12 Oct 10
Well i think it is really a break for the many. Most of my classmates before really look forward to this day because it's the time they get to see their families, for those who's hometowns are in the provinces or in another city. It's the time we take a break from all the tension and stress we feel during a whole semester. When i was still studying i really look forward to this break because i really needed it. We just have to find time to really take a rest and enjoy the semestral break.
@hushi22 (4940)
12 Oct 10
i dont think it is really sembreak. my bro always complains about it.
@saiKO92 (392)
• Malaysia
11 Oct 10
Hi there. I'm a student in a local university in my place. It's my first semester of studying in the university and I'm looking forward for the sem-break. To me, semester break is the time for me to really concentrate on working to gain the maximum income before the next semester starts. When the semester of studying started, I need to focus and give the utmost priority to studying. Of course when on holiday, we will miss schooling but to me that's the point there's sem-break. If we keep continuing studying non-stop, I bet most of us will lose the spirit to study after sometimes. So, the semester break is to refill our spirit to continue study.