Maybe I ate quite a lot spices today

United States
October 11, 2010 8:07pm CST
Tonight, my mom was not wanting to cook, so I personally invited her to this Chinese restaurant, featuring Northern Chinese cuisines. I had no idea they make those food quite spicy, and I did order a lot. Maybe I was hungry, and I didn't even ask what the food was like. In hurry, I order 4 entrees for both of us. They are quite spices, and I kept on drinking my soda, one after another. When I got home, I felt weird in my system, and I have to go on to bathroom for a couple of times. Actually, I might empty my stomach for quite a bit already too. Sweaty experience I would say, maybe I should cut down spicy eating a little bit.
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12 Oct 10
wow what an experience! well i try to see the menu what they got but if im very hungry i try to look quickly what it has then i order what am i in the mood for?? humm oky ill have ________ so yeah try to do that next time lol!
@bing28 (3798)
• Philippines
12 Oct 10
Before am also fond of eating spicy food but now I just eat a little just to have an appetite as if I eat much i feel not comfortable. I think it's not good to eat spicy food when your hungry, eat non spicy food first before the spicy one.