what is your current downfall

October 11, 2010 10:35pm CST
i really feel the downfall in our home right now T_T you see, this is the first time we have experienced this things. First, last week our Television blasted and the circuit breaker fails to trip! so, it was costly to repair our power connection XD Second, the day after the repair of our power connection, we have no Television at that time, that is why we are forced to use the computer for online streaming, my father suggests to stream so that he will be updated in the news. BUT! in the afternoon, the internet bill came! it was in a great amount to pay! like, they've already issued a disconnection notice! oh my gosh! so we are currently looking for money T_T Third, our examination came, *sigh* so we need to pay it, and it was also costly... Fourth, next to the internet bill, the Water bill and Electrical bill came! and it was like we are really in despair! all bills are coming right in front of ourselves! Fifth, the disconnection notice came for the second time in the internet bill, so the Phone got disconnected already, we are unable to contact anyone right now except for emergency calls. wow! this was a great trial for our family.. i hope God will bless us, and will be able to escape this trials... well, how about you?
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• Greece
12 Oct 10
We're currently re-doing the bathroom and it looks like a dungeon right now. There's nothing in there and it won't be ready for about a week. So every time we need to use a bathroom, we have to use the one on the ground floor apartment, where my friends live. I am sick by the way and I did show up for work (which made me a lot worse), we also have money problems (who doesn't?) and that's pretty much it! But smile because something good is about to happen.