Maricar Reyes as Samantha of Imortal

Pasay, Philippines
October 11, 2010 11:27pm CST
Mrs. Zaragoza always blaming lia for what her mother did that they thought Lyka tends to communicate with vampires and have connivance with them. That is the reason why Lia here is now paying for the alleged sin of Lyka. Thinking that Lia gate crashes in the empire that is why Mrs. Zaragoza tend to hurt Lia physically when she defended her mother that she has no intentions for having connivance with the vampires. I find ugly on the actress that is actually the boss of Lia. She really looks villain but they I don't really find her that pretty. I am glad for Maricar Reyes as Samantha the vampire who is actually the daughter of Magnus. she is now improving on her acting skills. Despite of her issues about the scandal with Hayden Kho I could see it that she has a good moral character who deserves respect. She has my respect to her as well even for the fact that she didn't take any legal actions against Hayden Kho. Now we are seeing Danilo Barrios who became chubby now a little bit that he was a popular dancer from a troupe. I just forgot the name of the dance group that he belongs. Hopefully he must be good in acting here.
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