How do you spend time with your family?

October 12, 2010 12:22am CST
Spending time with your family is a simple concept but due to the busy schedules of work, school, extracurricular activities we tend to lose touch with our family members even the one's we live in the same roof. How do you spend time with your family and how does it help your relationship with them?
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13 Oct 10
I spend time to my family every Sunday. I really love to cook and so happy to see my wife and daughter while eating during lunch time, we go to church, mall, sometimes we play together, dinner outside. God fearing and satisfaction of both need can really help the relationship to grow.
13 Oct 10
That's good to hear. A Christ centered family is very important. I do that also to my family. I love and thank my husband for all the understanding and love he gave to us. God bless!
@mrsquito (55)
• United States
12 Oct 10
My family has a pretty hectic schedule most of the time. Its hard to find time to just spend time together without having some place to get to. Sunday's are lazy days for us on non-soccer tournamnet weekends so we try to spend as much time together then as possible. We play nerf dart tag, family games on the wii, watch movies and hang out for most of the day. I try to get at least one of the boys in the kitchen with me during the week just to spend a little time with them while making dinner or doing the dishes. Its a great way to keep in the loop. It lets them know that I'm interested in their lives.
13 Oct 10
Spending a minute or two with your family is a great factor to their lives.
@fanzejian (372)
• China
12 Oct 10
now I am living in the city of taiyuan and my parents are living in the city of beijing. I have no time to be with them .but I usually talk about something by the internet ,for example ,QQ (a instant chatting tool) or by the telephone. I miss them because I can't be with them.
12 Oct 10
thanks to today's technologies because you can still manage to see and communicate with your family even if you are far from them. communication is important to have a healthy relationship. God bless!