our challenge is potty training

October 12, 2010 2:33am CST
Our daughter is basically a good kid. No tantrums, easy to teach and train (such as the concept of pack away). But of course, nobody is perfect. And one of our challenges with her is potty training her. You, she is pretty smart and advanced for her age. She knows what weewee, poopoo and potty are. She just refuses to use it. She may sit on the potty for awhile and then stand up to pee. Maybe she just got used to peeing while standing up for quite some time that she doesn't like sitting on the potty anymore. We did many things just to get her to sit on the potty and use it. But to no avail. I am just hoping and praying that someday soon, she will learn to like using her potty. That will really save us money on diapers, especially that we are planning to have another baby. That way, when I am already pregnant, we would no longer spend on her diapers anymore. :-D Any tips on potty training my baby? Thank you all for your responses.
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