Receiving text message, and I have no idea who is she

United States
October 12, 2010 4:26am CST
Hmm, once for a while, I received some text message or phone calls, I don't even know who is from. There is a girl "Haley", sent me a text message about "she wanted to get together this Sunday, if I can't make it, we can do it other day." Then, I text her back ask her who she is. Then she replied with "sorry, wrong number, how are u?" That just weird to me. If she is texting her good friend, she shouldn't send it to a wrong number. I hope that is no somebody pull a prank on me. Sometimes, I got this weird phone call at the middle of night, someone calls about we met at the chat room, but I don't go to chat room though, how could I give some girl my number. I hope that not someone give away my phone number.
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@ermadear (367)
• Indonesia
12 Oct 10
is it categories spam or not?because as well as i know, message like that happen to with me or my husband. i think they try to disturb us,and we must care about that.please be ware and watcht out with that phone. we must more carefull.
• United States
12 Oct 10
I hope that she simply sent the text in a wrong number, and not to bother me like that. Because each every message cost me $0.10. I didn't sign up for those unlimited message thingy. Hopefully, it will pass.
@namdaemun (283)
• Indonesia
12 Oct 10
Well, you could just block the number from your phone. If I were you, I just ignore them. It's a waste of time trying to answer something that's not your concern of. I once got a text message that told me to transfer $4 to sender's paypal. I just ignored them.
• Philippines
12 Oct 10
Maybe she knew you already but was just shy on how to start a conversation with you. Or maybe she is the type of girl who wants to know your better . Maybe she did it for a purpose. I have known some people, they are using that way too to find a text mate, they sent a message to a particular person then they will try to convinced them that it was a wrong sent message.
@cankey62 (22)
• Malaysia
12 Oct 10
i and my wife have experience this matter a lot of time too,the weird thing is i got those message or call from women and my wife got it from men.sometime when we text them back and said that they had the wrong number,they will simply said sorry and started to asked this and that and wanted to know us more.sometimes they talk rubbish.i don't know how they got our phone number.i thjnk the person who did this is either sick or just want to play around.