crime of salary

October 12, 2010 10:57am CST
I am an extra conversation teacher in a Junior High School. I used to get my payment full. But now, I just get 10 - 50 % of my salary should be paid. Do you think it's a crime? The person who should deliver my salary has taken some of my salary, and she told me that's for the tax or money for traveling. Those are not good reasons, unreasonable. I tried to get my full salary but she insisted that I had no right. Wow, she is crazy. Well I have to wait someone kicks her out.
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@adhyz82 (36263)
• Indonesia
14 Oct 10
i think it`s called crime; you should tell to the police.. but it`s hard in my country.. it`s thought normal when stole another money
@marcmm (1806)
• Malaysia
14 Oct 10
That was too much. Come on. Is it stated at your payslip. If not you can bring this to labour department. You can sue her and bring this matter to court. Do that. Bring her to authority. there are nothing to lose since she almost didn't pay you. Tax deduction and pension fund wouldn't make your salary being deducted a lot. Settle this matter face to face with her. if still not solve, bring this up. Your salary is your right. You earn it. You have the right to fight ofr it if it was taken away from you. I wish you luck to fight for your money.
• Philippines
13 Oct 10
Taking one's salary is not right that's true and I guess you should report that to someone whom you think can help you. The only problem is who is that person you are referring to? Did you not give her the authority that she can deduct something like expenses or whatever. Did you not sign any papers? When you receive your money their should be some receiving copy in your part. Since what I know salary should be given direct to the person whoever whose name appear on it otherwise there should be an authorization letter that you are allowing her or him to receive it. so maybe you can have it check first the real situation.
@jersey86 (1348)
• Philippines
12 Oct 10
You should seek for the proper authority to stop that woman from taking part of you salary and don't wait for some to kick her out instead you act to kick her out before others get abused by that woman.