A good way to keep your money

October 12, 2010 11:42am CST
Do you agree that bank account is a good way to keep your money?
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@DertyJ (193)
• United States
12 Oct 10
It is a good way to keep your money safe nowadays as apposed to keeping it in a shoebox under your bed or something like that. I keep my money in a fireproof safe until the day I go to the bank and deposit it in my savings account. But if you are looking to make money, then a bank account is probably the worst way you can go besides a piggy bank. Savings accounts these days earn extremely low interest and so do checking accounts if they even earn any. If you are looking to make money off of your investments I suggest that you put your money into cd's or buy savings bonds. If you are looking for money money along with a higher risk of losing your money then invest in stocks and corporate bonds. Mutual funds are also a good investment because they produce a medium yield and have medium risk.
• Thailand
14 Oct 10
thank a lot
@diamania (7037)
• Netherlands
12 Oct 10
Yeah. Where else would you keep money? Vault? Stinky sock? Very safe in case of fire.