A discussion about the number of click links in a ptc site!

@sam8pro (376)
October 12, 2010 10:07pm CST
Hi I am starting this discussion to make up my mind regarding an issue that i am observing on a website called orzbux. Well as we all know if you are not good at findings referrals like me then ptc websites are basically your test of patience. And I am ready to give this test. I recently joined a website named orzbux.com. motivation was that its first cashout is at 0.1 cents. One more information my region of staying is in India. Now it used to regularly give 4 sites for clicking which used to give 0.04 cent a day. And i was okay with this. Yesterday i notice it got reduced to 3 and now today i see its only a mere 2. Why do this kind of things happen.. Should i just kick this ptc out of my clicking life !!
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