October 13, 2010 12:50am CST
In order to earn more money,rain day and night to dry,the big guys saw her saw her face said she"did not like the adults,"For the small element,sunce he has been lying in bed,many people become vulnerable,to become cry love,love lost his temper.drizzle know that he is pained her,he hated the rain and the kids drag.Because of financial difficulties, xiao yuan a thing in the second year,his son would not go to school daughter,because her child is relatively high,high school volleyball coach was a key phase,to make her into the secondary school studies.such a large family out of the thing,xiao yuan in order to see the doctor,back the tingzhi debt,while for two children to school,how can that capacity?children sendible,active with the rain,said:"mom,I have grown up,can help you do some live,and my sister are still very small she is a girl.Let her go to school,and I support the family with you."Sons of these the rain tears splashed words,or a child.So what measures can be when rain?...... Lin said that couples are the same birds,all things apocalyptic,twelve years,more than four thousand days and nights,day after day,year sater year,busy place,the care of her husband worked hard to make money in this three-point line on the back and forth.In many people's eyes,light rain is a very silly woman...... Yes there is a lot of people say stupid rain,even xiao yuan have filed for divorce several times,to find a family in light rain.the small element is really distressed,light rain,but it seems in the light rain,with the natural family was poor,but the family every heart are lucky,she can not give up because the house xiao yuan,but also not to forget the past bit by bit.
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