What do you preffer- telling sweet lies or bitter truth

October 13, 2010 1:18am CST
There is undoubtedly a verry difficult dilemma in life and everyone in various circumstances has faced the problem whether to tell sweet lies which will not hurt the feelings of the person with whom you communiate or tell him the bitter truth, which consequently may lead to broken hearts, relationships and friendships.Sure enough i personally preffer to tell only the truth but not brutally but in an intelligent way in order not to hurt the person.I think so , because i am sick and tired of foolish lies which may be sweet but hurt me more than the truth.What about you-lies or truth, that is the question...
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• India
25 Oct 10
hi.... what you said is correct. often we came over the situations in where we will suffer to say the truth. but most of the situations i prefer say the truth because its nothing but the actual. i feel the pleasure of being honest when i am saying truth and being true. thats why i always want to tell truth. and more over itoo hate those who are liers. But i dont think its wrong to say the lie in situations where the truth may cost a lot and the consequences are bitter causing a lot of nuissance. But we should avoid those being honest as much as we can... And finally what i say is i prefer truth for most.....
@Chispa514 (871)
• Montreal, Quebec
24 Oct 10
I would much rather tell the bitter truth than to tell sweet lies. It might hurt, but in the end what hurts worse..... to know the truth that is painful but u will get over it eventually, or to be lied to and find out the truth later on from someone else, and then u be hurt twice
• Philippines
13 Oct 10
"The truth hurts,but lying may cut a deeper wound." I always choose to tell the truth. Telling lies to avoid hurting someone's feeling is a waste of time and a stupid deed. Sooner or later the person will know that you lied to him/her and if that happens,it will just cause a bigger trouble,especially if the person trusted you much.
@hushi22 (4940)
13 Oct 10
it depends. in my profession, nurse, we have to lie sometimes, but in my personal life i prefer the bitter truth.
@pecito (304)
• Bulgaria
13 Oct 10
If my boyfriend is cheating on me and u get to know that somehow,plsss,don't tell me.I really don't wanna know.Sometimes confessions hurt more than lies.