Why are most women likes to be pregnant,yet are afraid when the baby is born?

October 13, 2010 6:10am CST
I have heard them talking about their pregnancies.I have talk to so many pregnant women that they are very lucky to conceived just after they got married,some are just forced to get married because she was on the family way.They have different reasons of fulfillments and happiness,yet all of them,except for a few others,are very very afraid to give birth to their new born babies.Why do they like to become future mothers when they are afraid when the baby is coming out from their wombs?They should be more happier than worried because becoming a mother is a lot of work to do,and not all individuals are given a chance to have a baby.They are just worried about the pains and agonies sacrifice from being laboring to let out the baby.That is the main reasons of other just grant the doctors to make the cesarian operation to make the labor easy.
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• Greece
13 Oct 10
Giving birth is not easy. It's something new, unknown and painful. Women are used to being pregnant for 9 months and they feel comfortable with it. So when labor time comes, they become anxious and nervous about the process. Ask women you know how the felt before and after giving birth. I'm sure you'll get a variety of responses, since every person is different.
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• Philippines
13 Oct 10
Thank you very much for the response.You are right to your words that women do have different reactions to their giving of births.Others just told me that they are used to laboring their new born,that they just felt like moving their bowels and laughs aloud like an idiot.I know the rules made by most women that they tried to make themselves look okay in their 9 months of pregnancy.