Guinea Pig or Hamster?

@Lpok08 (11)
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October 13, 2010 6:25am CST
Hi everyone! I am trying to decide what pet I should get for a friend of mine. I was wondering if I should buy a Guinea pig or a hamster. Do you have any tips on taking care of them? Also, I heard that Guinea pigs should be kept in pairs so that they won't get lonely. Is that true? Thanks :D
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21 Oct 10
Okay the person above me has great information and I agree with all of it. Especially about guinea pigs having large cages. My mice have oversized cages and I wish I could get them a bigger one! lol But I had to say this...please consider adopting something (instead of buying from a pet store). If you go to you can find a ton of guinea pigs, rabbits, and even some hamsters that need adopted. And you can search for ones near your home.
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17 Oct 10
It depends on your friend really. Both are realy easy to care for but you should make sure your friend definately wants a pet. In my experience hamsters and guinea pigs are very similar in attitude and the way you keep them. But Guinea pigs need a big cage. too many people keep them in tiny cages and this is cruel.They are social animals and when i was younger i have guinea pigs,rabbits and quails all in one cage.They never fought,the only issue i had was i had to clean them out more. Hamsters cant be kept together unless from birth.They are prone to fighting and majority of the time will eat any babies they produce. If your friend is wanting something that will be more friendly and get attatched to her,, i would suggest a rabbit. You can littler train these aswel. You can with guinea pigs but they are alot harder to train.