October 13, 2010 7:28am CST
what is love?is it a special feeling u can only feel to one person? theres a love for the family,for your friends,for yourself and for that special someone who will be there for the rest of your life.. but, how can u find true love?The love of the person who is really meant for you? ive had my heart broken for like a couple of times..but i still dont give friends told me why i keep on going into relationship again and again and get my heart broken over and over again..i just tell them, how will i know if hes the onw if i will not give him a chance? love is evrywhere.u can give it to anybody but real love,true love is mystical..u just feel it..its differet.. and if its not coming to you yet..patience is a virtue.. and once yopu find and feel it..never let it go!
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