It's difficult to make friends with colleagues

October 13, 2010 9:25am CST
Now, I feel it's difficult to make friends with colleagues. I can talk with them about works and some things are no harm. But I can make friends with them. I can't talk whole comfortable with them. I know there are many people are only friends when they work the same company. if one of them leave, their friendship will be broken.
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21 Oct 10
I've always found it hard to relate to people and open up at work, I can easily talk but often avoid discussion that I'm unsure of what to add too. My last work place there was a lot of backstabbing and going off to managers telling tales, I just did my job pretty much and kept to myself. I made a very good friend with the bar manager and that's pretty much all.
• Vietnam
21 Oct 10
Yes, you're same me. Some people in the office is very talkative. So, we should listen more than talking. Almost my close friends are in my childhood or in my university. It's rarely to look for a close friend in the office.
@gaiza12 (4889)
• Philippines
15 Oct 10
I find it difficult at first to make friends with colleagues especially when we are working in different accounts or is in a different team. But after getting to know them, it's not really hard to make friends with them, even if you know you won't be staying there for long or they won't be staying there for long. Just as long as you have made a relationship that will somehow help in making the company grow.
• Vietnam
21 Oct 10
Maybe you're right. We can make friends with our colleagues in any situations. But it's not normally. I have some really friends from my offices but after they left there :)
• India
14 Oct 10
Well yes sometimes its not a compulsory that case would happen.Like I have friends who work at a different company but we still are friends he used to work at the same place I did.True friends are very hard to find sometimes it takes time to grow friendship if you give time and chose a good person everything will go fine thats what I believe.Have a nice day!! :)
• Vietnam
21 Oct 10
I believe you. Because you and your friend don't do in the same company now. Right? I also have had some friends like that. But I don't have any real friend in my company now. Maybe I'll make friend with them after I would leave here...
@Strovek (870)
• Malaysia
13 Oct 10
It takes time to cultivate friendship. If the only time you send with your colleagues are during office hours then it is not likely that you will be able to do that. It is necessary to have common interest and activities that are not job related. I know it is tough since for most of us we are already spending so much time of our life at the office that to spend extra time outside the office with the same people can be urgggh! There must be a special incident to break the ice and subsequent small events to cement the relationship. It is tough but not impossible.
• Vietnam
21 Oct 10
I keep a good relationship with my colleagues in order that we can help to each other. But I don't think that I'll make friend with them. This is very difficult with me.