How should we live?

October 13, 2010 4:31pm CST
I was wondering what your opinion is on how we should live our lives?
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@SinRealm (559)
• Philippines
14 Oct 10
First of all, we should start abandoning our race and nationalistic attitude. I see many fights happening because of nationalism and racial discrimination. Here in our country, some Chinese people has the attitude "I am Chinese give me VIP treatment" and there are some people who would worship all that is American, while some get so offended when people make jokes about their country. Its really pathetic seeing people value their race too much, we are all individuals with different lives and characters. People fighting over skin color and race is just stupid. The dumb thing about this, people actually go to war for this sort of idiocy. The world is already connected to each other, why do we even bother trying to separate each other? Next we should do, we should try to be more understanding about people. Like in work and school, people treat employees and students like numbers. We're not machines or computer codes, we should be treated individually. That way we can understand more. Not just base our living based on papers and school results. Some people aren't academically smart but are very talented in other things, because of the system here. Only those who are graduates from a good school gets the good opportunities. Basically people are pathetic because they don't live under their own name, they live under the names of schools, establishments, countries and probably religion... Change the way people see things... Perhaps things'll be different.
• India
14 Oct 10
We should live a life that is without any problems. We should live a life that does not hurt others.
@sutiat (17)
• Indonesia
13 Oct 10
to each their own..but as time goes by it becomes very clear that happiness is part of our life here..and greed is the downfall of Humans as it has been inbred into us through society..Just imagine..if we changed "greed" to "giving"...just imagine..the changes throughout the entire world..
13 Oct 10
I think we should live our lives the way we want to do the things that we want to do, and not be afraid of people judging us for it. People in your life can impact on how you live it but you define it. Be spontaneous be reserved be quiet or loud, be anything you want to be just be true to yourself. That's how I live my life. How do you live yours?