Are Girls With Dark or Red Lipsticks On More Kissable? What Do You Think?

@emgee595 (336)
October 14, 2010 12:34am CST
Hi mylotters... I was browsing a over a magazine and there was an advertisement of lipsticks in one of the pages. While looking at the models whose lips were "painted" with different colors and hues I can't help but wonder if ladies with dark and bloody red lipsticks appear to be more kissable, attractive and hot especially for men. If you are a lady, would you prefer wearing dark and red lipsticks? Or would you rather go for the "all-natural" look? And for guys, does the color of a lady's lips matter? Are red lips really attractive? Please share your thoughts and views. Thanks! Have a good day and happy myLotting! :D
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• United States
14 Oct 10
I personally absolutely love classic pin-up make up. Like this: Until about 5 months ago, all I owned was red and dark lipstick shades.
@olisaur (1932)
• United States
14 Oct 10
I think it all really depends on the man. To me, dark or just defined lipstick is a very mature look, so "grown-up" guys may find it more attractive. But on younger girls, light pink lip color or gloss seems to accentuate the youth, so younger guys may fidn that more attractive.
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
14 Oct 10
Hi, I don't like to put on lipstick with very Red colour or very dark colour, I prefer those bit pinkish and looks natural on my lips.then I also like to apply lipgloss ,so that my lip won't look dry and it seem more beautiful. Sometimes I saw some ladies are putting so RED colour lipstick and their lips were like red tomatoes...yucks to me!! Frankly speaking, I am not that kind of girl that like to have heavy make-up on my face, I prefer natural look and I only apply light make-up for my outing.