How can you control your anger?

October 14, 2010 4:46am CST
Some people could not handle their anger and sometimes violates others rights. Other release their anger by using their force and some are just being quite. It often more dangerous when you cannot express your anger.
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• India
14 Oct 10
Hi phoebeyen, Its really good to control one's anger,that's the only key which makes the difference between a successful and failure.There could be more different ways to control it,and it again depends upon the different individual but one must control it any how,and if one is unable to do so then it is going to kill the individual both internally as well socially,intellectually,and even financially. You are right it becomes more dangerous if one is unable to express it,but at times it is better to just avoid it,b'coz it becomes even more greater when one is habitually get angry on every petty things,and therefore avoidance is better,following the Gandhian rule of three Monkeys."See Not,Speak Not & Hear Not".........Avoid All. Happy mylotting & avoiding.