Internship Canton Fair

October 15, 2010 7:49am CST
Hi, guys,do you know canton fair?It is also called China Import and Export Fair. Today, it's the first day for it and my second working day.Few weeks ago,my teathers have introduced some companies for us sophomores,but,almost all of those jobs are done in hotels or for some exhibion holding.So,i never got a interviw before.With two-days job hunting,i got a job in an exhibion pavilion as an interpreter.This job is not difficult as what i imagined.So luckly,I made friends with a American ,who likes cartons and painting very much .He is nice and talked something intersting with me .He also has me showed him around in guangzhou.Of cource,i 'd love to,but, that moment, i have no time.I think canton fair is a good chance for me to communicate with foreigners and practice my english.I will take a active part in it.
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