fast food and fasting

@monalily (380)
October 15, 2010 8:54am CST
there are many people who fast for some religious festivals for one or more days. In some types of fasting, you are required to not to eat non veg food while others, you can do it after the prayrs time especially fasting for Eid festival if am not mistaken. For hindu festival fsting and others, you have to eat veg food only. What i want to ask is don't you realize that you miss the fast foods, non veg food more than normal day? whenever we fast, I always are eager to eat my favorite non veg food and I wait impatiently when I can finish fast to eat my chicken recipes.
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@DoctorDidi (7030)
• India
15 Oct 10
Fast in religious festivals especially of Hindus is observed by women. Usually after the prayer, they take non veg food & mostly the 'Prasad' offered to the "God'. At night the younger generation may consume non veg food but the older generation usually take non veg food. In some festivals where meat is served as a ritual custom, the younger as well as the older generations takes it as food. The main thing is that you have to stick to the customs followed in that festival. If you have reservation of any special food you may take it at night & during the festival it is better to follow others. But if type of food is more important to you, you may easily skip away from that festival by citing lame excuses.
@pecito (304)
• Bulgaria
15 Oct 10
I think fasting is good for the health sometimes coz it helps the body clean out the toxines.But fasting for religious purposes s of no use when not accompanied by fasting of the soul from hate and evil.