Did you ever pay more than what the seller ask?

October 15, 2010 9:25am CST
Hello, my dear friends! Long time no see! I was too busying with my work and taking care of my son... Today after work, I went to the stopping place like usual to get my bike. I found the front tyre is shrunken, I felt worry as it was a little late and it tooks me around one hour to ride home. I went to the repair shop in a hurry. As soon as I get there, I remember there are only 10 Yuan in my pocket, I felt very worry that my money may not enough, so I asked the shop keeper that about how much will it cost to fix my bike and told him that I only have a little money. To my suprise, he told me only 2 yuan is needed. And later he inspect and repair my bike very carefully. I felt quite touch as I think he really provide a great service but required low profit. This is quite hard to see in now adays. I gave him 5 yuan finally... My friend, have you ever met similar things like me? Is it this kind of good business man hard to be found in your country as well?
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@cerebellum (3871)
• United States
15 Oct 10
I don't usually pay more than what they ask for. I usually try to find bargains. I will pay more if it is a desperate situation, like yours and I think they did a good job and ask for little. Last winter I had to have my driveway plowed and I gave them a little bit extra for helping me out and for comming to my rescue quickly.
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
15 Oct 10
HI, I never pay more than what the seller ask as I don't see the point of paying more. If the thing worth that much and stated very clearly,then I believe this price is pretty reasonable and the seller has earn profit from it,so there is no point for me to pay more to the seller.