United States
October 15, 2010 1:04pm CST
hey What is the first song you learned to play on an instrument when you first started playing it? For me it was right in two by tool.
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@marcmm (1806)
• Malaysia
16 Oct 10
When I first trying to play guitar, I play Jesus Don't Wnat Me For Sunbeam by Nirvana. It is an easy song with only 3 chords. So I nail it down quite easily and it give me more confident.
• United States
17 Oct 10
Yeah I think alot of nirvana is easy to play, I use a couple of there songs to help me sing and play at the same time. Even after practicing the singing and guitar playing at the same time for years now I still can not do it. I think I am retarded or something. I can't even walk and chew gum at the same time.
• Philippines
21 Oct 10
the first song i played in guitar is called whats up by 4 nonblondes and in piano its simon says a very simple song cos its the first page of my keyboard lesson. i started playing guitar and piano at 11.
@Bryanx54 (644)
15 Oct 10
Twist and shout- The Beatles and Wonderwall- Oasis
• Brazil
15 Oct 10
Hehehe, My First Music was No One in piano, it's very beautiful song and until today my family ask me for play but i don't know sing! My second music was Final Countdown ;D. Music is good for anyone but i got tired of playing and now i don't play nothing =/