Husky doesn't want to mate

October 16, 2010 2:03am CST
I have 2 adorable Siberian Huskies. One girl (2 years old) a boy (3 years old). Whenever they are on heat the girl doesn't want to mate, she just sit or lay down. They've been on heat for 3 times already. I really want to them to have puppies. Is my girl husky already in the right age to mate? How come my boy husky doesn't really seem to know how to do "it"? Anybody here knows a lot about siberian huskies? Thanks for the help! =)
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• Philippines
16 Oct 10
i think they are not both on heat (during that time - maybe just the male) or the female husky is not into the male :(
• Philippines
16 Oct 10
Most probably that my female husky is not into the male. =( hmmm, that's just so sad. They can make cute babies, they have good lines. Some people suggested that I should hire a shooter, who assists the male to learn how to mate with the female.
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18 Jan 13
You are aware everytime you breed your dogs, you are slowly killing them. I would never buy from a breeder, nor even associate with any. It clearly shows how irresponsible you are as an owner, and how little you care for you animals.