which cellphone to buy??

October 16, 2010 2:58am CST
i need a new cellphone but i am unable to decide, which one to buy?? the brand name does matter me a lot... at the same time i need all the features i want... according to me a perfect cellphone should have features like, GPRS, Internet, 3G, wifi, touch screen and all the new features revolutionizing the cell phone world... what do you guys think?? do we have a cellphone which can best suit our day by day increasing needs and expectations... are we dependent a lot on the cell phones for even silly things..??
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@grubder23 (271)
• Philippines
16 Oct 10
iphone? got alot of functions and stuff. =) and got a lot of apps to suite whatever ur needs are. yeah, i do think people are getting more dependent on technology. sometimes its a good thing. sometimes it aint =)
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@nicococo (134)
16 Oct 10
If you want all those features, and you care about brands and social status, then get the iphone. I don't think it's dependence too much on "silly things". I think its become a necessity. But putting all those "silly things" in one gadget is silly. That's why I have a DSLR, netbook, laptop, tablet, etc. But the iphone is good for all of that in a smaller, compact device.
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• Bulgaria
16 Oct 10
I think you need to Sony Ericsson Vivaz or Xperia. Vivaz is small comfortable cellphone with all do you need 8.1 Megapixel cam, HD video, 3g, Wi-Fi 2,3 inch display and GPS. Xperia x10 is bigger than Vivaz but with bigger display 4 inch. Xperia is with a 8.1 megapixel cam, Wi-Fi, 3g and GPS. For me these cellphone are best to shops now.
@rosekiss (30258)
• Eugene, Oregon
17 Oct 10
There are so many brands of phone out there, but the one I have is a Samsung Fascinate, which is a Galaxy S phone. It has lots of features, and I am really enjoying it. Now, it doesn't have full flash yet, but as soon as it is updated, it will have it, and it should be updated before the end of the year. I am not really worried about it all that much anyway, as I can do a lot with it even without the full flash. Mine does have wifi, a touch screen, 3G technology, bluetooth, and many others. It is the best phone I have ever had, and I am glad that I bought it. It does have the andolid OS which is a very good operating system. My last phone had the Windows Mobile IS, and it was a good phone, as phones go, but the one I have now to me is much better. Now, I am with Verizon so their phones are different than any other service provider. I don't know what service provider you have, but I would highly recommend the Samsung Fascinate. Take care, and have a very good day.