Is it possble to place the perfect online bet?

October 16, 2010 7:28am CST
I am looking for the perfect online bet. I am looking for it for 4 years now, and even if I couldn't find it, i am sure it is out there. The perfect mathematical bet doesn't exist, as every betting site has an algorithm to calculate odds, so they would be winners on every match. However, there might be a statistical strategy to win. Like in the Italian Soccer First Division, there are many games ending with a draw. 17 of the last 60 matches played ended this way. The average odds for a draw is 3.2 in Italy. this means you will have to invest 60 dollars on this to win 17x3.2=54.4 dollars. This is a loosing strategy. I think there are better ones, and I am willing to test them with my accounts. Just waiting for your ideas.
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17 Oct 10
yes i have my own mentor for online betting and i have only lost 3 bets and that was when the horse was distracted or nervous and would not move, i suggest getting a trainer or mentor for betting.
@hylke45 (91)
• Netherlands
16 Oct 10
i know how you can gamble and always win just simple math... my only problem i cant invest in anything... (so i earn only in ways without investing) so you do heads and tails or roulette (only choose between red or black not anything else) this actually works with everything that you can play continuesly so you bet for example 1$ 1$ if win 1profit else lose double your stakes (makes 2$) 2$ win = 4$ (you bet a total of 3 makes 1$ profit) lose double (makes 4$) and continue you'll always make one profit as long as you still can pay XD probability calculation after 11th time doubling you have a chance lower then 0.5% of losing if i can remember correctly (so choose you starting stake acording to how much you own) hope this will help you. happy mylotting
• Canada
16 Oct 10
well if you would want the best bet, then you must look at statistics, for example Brazil is the best soccer team, now one would invest most of his/her money on Brazil.. but now lets say that Brazil had a match against Argentina both are good, but statically showing and historically showing and players average showing that Brazil is still the better team. I would bet 60 percent of my money on brazil and 40-35 percent on Argentina, because you still have a uncertainty of which team will win or loose.
@o0jopak0o (6406)
• Philippines
16 Oct 10
Well i am a better myself and the only way you can perfect your betting skills is experience and a wisdom on what you are betting. I mostly bet on boxing games because the the uncertainties are smaller.
@sender621 (14956)
• United States
16 Oct 10
I don't believe that there is a perfect bet online or offline. if there was, then it wouldn't be gambling. it would be a sure thing.