How to lose weight safely?

October 16, 2010 10:15am CST
I'm 180 pounds at the age of 32 with 5'6" feet tall. According to the physician, my weight is beyond normal and needs to cut the required weight for my age and height. I need to cut down at least 140 lbs. But the problem is how can lose weight without harming my health? How can I achieve this weight safely?
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• India
16 Oct 10
Your physician is bit wrong.I am sorry to say this but you are overweight. As per your details, your body-mass-index ratio is (29.1 BMI). Your weight is at 76th percentile compare to others of same height and age. Follow these few Tips. 1) Exercise to keep fit. 2) Daily walking. 3) Pay attention while you eat. 4) Regulate your meal times. 5) Avoid late night snacks. 6) Drink at least eight glasses of water per day. 7) And finally stand up for your goals. All the best foods for weight loss are - Fresh Natural Food - High in Fibre - Low in calories - Low in Fat - Low in refined sugars - Low in sodium Examples of some of the best food for losing weight.. 1) Fruit 2) Vegetables 3) Legumes 4) Wholegrain Foods 5) Baked potato 6) Boiled brown rice 7) Fresh fish
• Malaysia
16 Oct 10
Well, to lose weight safely...definitely you need more exercise. Not only more but consistent and regular base. Maybe you should read this article to see if this can give you some hints. Good luck and stay healthy.