How do you feel when...

October 16, 2010 10:36am CST
How do you feel when someone disagrees, disses, hates or hates you or was all hatin on u, for posting your discussion? i personally dont get upset or mad or anything, it saddens me though as a natural reaction but at the same time i appreciate the person for their opinion and their participation no matter how opposing they may be. how bout you?
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• United States
16 Oct 10
I try to always be positive with all my discussions. In fact most of my started discussions are based on helpful advice and information for members and or me seeking helpful information. However, there are several members who just have to be disagreeable and that is quite alright too. I do not stoop to rude and or nasty comments, I have a motto in my life that I do know when to agree to disagree. When and if someone is rude and or nasty, I simply thanked them for their viewpoint and wish them well. A discussion is based on yes and thank you so it is quite alright to have differences of opinions, it is listed in the myLot guidelines that we are not to negatively mark someone negative, simply because we do not agree, as an opinion contributes to a quality discussion. Based on my rating dropping daily, I have to think that maybe someone just did not like my comment and has it all wrong about rating me negative, although I can't imagine why as I have never involved myself in any discussion that perhaps maybe lead to negative responses. So maybe members are just trolling me as they do so many other and negative mark me anyways. Back to your discussion, LOL.. again I have enough crap in my life to involve myself in an online argument, so I thank them and wish them well. No one will ever get me upset enough online, it is not going to happen.
• Philippines
16 Oct 10
awesome. thanks for the opinion and sharing your philosophy friend =)