How to Feel The Feeling with Your Lover ?

October 16, 2010 12:15pm CST
Guys... My friend says: "Perhaps when you feel the strange feeling called love chooses you, the time seems move so slowly, so peaceful in your heart, and sometimes we do something ridiculous in facing this case. But the question is; is that right? is that good act? In my opinion, you shouldn't dramatize the beautiful feeling called love guys...I think it's better to deal with such a feeling with maturity, when it comes, thank to God, feel it, and do your best... and don't get in the dump in that feeling." Guys, what do you think then about my friend's opinion? I really want to help him, since he almost go crazy over his lover....
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@savypat (20246)
• United States
16 Oct 10
Mother nature is wonderful. She obtains her goal of sustaining the human race by infecting us with the emotions and energies we define as love. At first when lust is heavy we do not engage our minds except to protect the results of that lust. This means we may act foolish and do things we later regret. True love comes later when we come to value each other and develope a long lasting relationship. The important thing is to not confuse these two emotions and to enjoy each for what it is. Blessings