What Will You Do If Your Boss Satirize You In Front Of Costumers?

October 16, 2010 10:09pm CST
It happens some years ago, when I work as a servant in an internet spot. Boss, -vomit to remember-, suddenly comes to me and satirize me: "Why can't you count that well? It easy is market accounting." Guys, I'm not so stupid that I don't know what 7000 plus 3000 is, the truth is; his coming makes me confused! If you were me, what's you're going to do?
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@tonanana (91)
• China
17 Oct 10
If it turmns out to be me,I think I can do nothing else but to tolerate.You can try hard and do better next time,show your progress to your boss.Thus he may consider carefully whether he should satirize you next time~~ cheer up~
• Canada
17 Oct 10
Answer is simple....kick him in the balls in front of customers and call him a perv. He should learn his lesson. Also make sure the customers hear/see it. The bigger the audience the more memorable it would be and the more likely he'll learn his lesson.
• United States
17 Oct 10
I use to work for nutty doctor who had no shame at all, he would purposely pick fights with employees with hopes that they would quit right away and when did not he would come to me and have me fired them on the spot for no absolute reason. He was always in a bad mood and once he walked in the door he would immediately in from of patients humiliate me as if it were my fault he hated his life to horribly. I dealt with it for 3 1/2 years until one day I went to bed and said my prayers and in my prayers I lastly said please let me finally make a decision. So I woke up the next morning and walked right into the office and told the doctor that's it I had enough that was my last day. This doctor was in business for 19 years and I was his longest standing employee, there fore this gives an idea of how he went through employees like hot pancakes. In fact every week I was interviewing about 80% of my work week as if he did not like the way an employee looked at only 10 minutes on the job that was It he would have me fire them. So finally I had to leave as well. As the constant screaming in front of patients I could not take anymore, especially when the patients use to tell me why did I put up with the doctor daily.