did you try to have a feelings to your bestfriend?? i mean more than friends??

October 17, 2010 4:27am CST
hmhmhm honestly,, yes i try ,, and honestly i am boyish i mean i been in love with the same gender,,.so it is awkward for me ,,. and i think it is not good for me if i follow my love to my best friend cause i think i value more our friendship....and if i follow my feelings maybe he go far from me,, or she will get angry to me.,.,,,
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• Philippines
19 Oct 10
haha jen??my Gosh...we're the same...me too had a feelings with my b-friend...but not like you, i courted her...I guise I'm stupid that time...hahaha
• Philippines
20 Oct 10
mhmhmhm ,,,,,,good for you,, that you are not shy.,.,,. and you express your feelings to her.,.,., but ,. how did you do?? in what way?? please. share..
• Portugal
17 Oct 10
aw i see^^ so you love girls? well is ok. you could tell her^^ maybe she feels the same, maybe not. but at least you should be honest^^ she knows already that you like girls and is still your best friend so if you tell her that you like her im sure she wont stop to be friends with you^^ you should tell her how you feel^^ and dont be shy^^ at least you tried^^
• Philippines
18 Oct 10
hmhmhmhm but she has a bf.,., and his bf is my friend also.,., what can i do|?? and i am shy.,.