Does MoneyBumper is one of the Scam sites?

October 17, 2010 5:01am CST
Hello Guys, Can someone tell me if this website really scam? I need the real thing. If this website is a scam or not. Thank you and God Bless.
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• Philippines
17 Oct 10
Actually majority of the online money making programs started not as SCAM. However, due to the operators or shall we say program owners race to have huge sum of money then they often forget what their limitations are. Most of this people find themselves broke as their operation progresses and until such time they will eventually decide to abort their plan leaving the poor members suspended on the air. Is these operators can get back the sum of money that they have invested? The answer is YES. They can get the whole investment with of course at least 200% interest. How? Through members registration fee and recurrent payments received prior to the complete dissolution of the program.
• Philippines
19 Dec 10
Sorry for the very late response. I was glad when I checked this topic and I'm very satisfied from your response. Anyways, I already stopped on it and you are right.