When a man is less than a woman .....

@dogito (89)
October 17, 2010 7:40am CST
Hi, I'm confused. So far, I always went out with older men than me and I felt really good. Even never impressed me less than me. But now something happened and I feel really confused. Soon I met a man who really fascinate me and both of us felt mutual attraction. Later I realized it was smaller than me by 3 years and it seems I started to look with new eyes on it. Like I began to see the child in it and I am afraid not to be disappointed. I'm suggest you all ....... I'm just confused. Maybe we should hear others' opinions. I would be grateful to you shared with me if you have a similar experience.
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• India
15 Nov 10
I Feel that there is no such thing as an Age Difference or something. It's just how two people bond with each other and how they get together. There are many people who are much smaller than us but still they are more matured, more understanding and more intelligent than us. The person is smaller than you but for your earlier men you were smaller to them.Have you thought of that. Its just doesn't matter with age. I think you should just give that person a chance and just leave the Age Criteria for sum time. Good Luck!!
@richiem (3646)
• Philippines
18 Oct 10
I guess love conquers all.
• Canada
18 Oct 10
Well its really hard for someone to give you advice because every situation is different. All I can personally say is age should not matter but I know as much as anybody it does a lot of the time. I myself am involved with a girl who is older then me by 7 years and have to admit shes the oldest girl I have ever went out with. I spent many years dating girls who where a year to 5 years younger then me and yes it was fun at times and all there was just no real communication. Then 6 years ago I hooked up with this girl I'm with now who's older then me and tell you this, it has its own problems as well. Don't get me wrong I love the girl with all my heart and she's terrific most of the times but the things I have noticed is that she treats me a lot like her kids. She doesn't always listen to my advice even when she knows I'm right and sometimes just right ignores me. Maybe when your dating older people you feel secure like they can do anything or will take care of you where as someone younger might not be as reliable in your eyes as a older person would. See I just don't know how to give you any advice. Personally if I had to do it all over again I would just stick to somebody my own age that way we were both equal in life experience