Justin Bieber?

United States
October 17, 2010 8:53pm CST
16 year old pop star from Canada. Mobbed by tons of fangirls calling out. But at the same time bad mouthed by haters. I've noticed alot of this hatred on Youtube videos... forums... etc. Now why is this feeling afflicted toward the young singer who's trying to live his dream? I don't see anything wrong. Sure people say he 'hasn't' hit puberty. But so what? I want to know different view points on what's going and the reasons.. my curiosty is killing me.
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@kjones505 (273)
• United States
24 Oct 10
I am not a fan ( and I am not supposed to be as a 25 year old man). But I never understood the hate. I could understand the hate if he was an outspoken jerk but he just seems to be a young entertainer doing what he likes.
• Philippines
18 Oct 10
this guy is just too sweet. yeah there are pranks in you-tube like justin bieber is a pedophile and hes an old man wearing a mask you can actually watch it in you-tube. i think theres nothing wrong wif him hes perfectly fine. Maybe those ppl are just insecure or jealous of his stardom.
• Canada
18 Oct 10
Well Im Canadian and got to tell you I'm not a fan of his either. I just don't like him or his stuff but your right there is a lot of haters of this guy and I'm as curious as you are why so many people hate him. After all isn't this kid just starting out in the business?