Do you believe in Astrology?

October 18, 2010 2:24am CST
Do you believe in astrology. I do believe in astrology I feel it alerts me of good and bad time. So according to it I can be careful in bad time and I can make best of my good time. Whats your opinion?
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
18 Oct 10
I believe in astrology, yes. This is a very systematic and scientific subject. I was so impressed one time when I met an astrologer in India. His readings of my horoscope of my past life were so correct and amazingly detailed. That convinced me that his predictions of things in my future would be correct, and they definitely are. Things are progressing as he had predicted. What always amazes me is how those planets millions of miles away are influencing the lives of human beings here on earth ! That is the question that comes up in my mind every time I think of astrology !!
• Indonesia
18 Oct 10
hi there .. sometime i believe it but the true is i dont coz this astrology is just nonsense for me i just give it my life for GOD not for astrology has been some human too for we know nothing about the future if we know what happen with our life what for astrology because we dont know we has believe it that astrology
• India
18 Oct 10
No' i don't beleive in the astrology becuase it is not the true for our life. and i suggest everyone for don't believe in astrology because "Sab kuch Bhagwan or apne upar Depend hai. if u do hardwork then u always get sucess in life.