If Sakib-al-hasan can do it,why can't Dhoni?

October 18, 2010 5:13am CST
hi friends.i missed all the other Bangladesh-newzealand series .since the india-aussie match was cancelled,i watched the final match and after seeing the total of 170 odd runs,i thought the kiwis might save themselves from cleansweep. well they failed and bangla boys did exceedingly well. this brought me to [b]the captain cool of india who is hailed as the best captain india has ever produced. well to me the guy who lead india to the first world cup triump and the guy who took india to the finals of the world cup are the best. for the guys who are too slow,i was talking about kapil and ganguly.[/b] ok so Dhoni will probably try to win the world cup in 4 months so ithought of the other record of Kapil. kapil's team defended a total of 183 against west indies who are considered as the best team at the time.that too in a 60 overs match. so i checked dhoni's record with defending totals and found that he lost 3 to 4 300+ totals and any total below 200 was chased down by the opoosition with more than 13 overs remaining. the lowest total he successfully defended was 227 against the kiwis recently. [b]so is it fair to expect Dhoni to defend a less than 200 total ,even against a number 5 team in the list? or is it too harsh to expect anything like this from him in such batsmen favoring conditions?[/b]
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@venkit (2957)
• India
21 Oct 10
i dont think that dhoni could defend a total under 200 in the batting condition today we have, that too with indian bowling with power play overs!
• India
18 Oct 10
These days defending even 300+ score has gone tougher since the pitches are more batting friendly. Black caps had a clean sweep in the hand of Bangladesh. I am not taking any credit away from them but you have to say the pitches over there were sub standard. Dhoni is a good captain and give time he will do as good job as Gangyly did, rather he is doing so.