unshod horse and hoof boots

October 18, 2010 5:45am CST
Hello I have a horse that has had to have his shoes taken off. I've been looking to into getting him some hoof boots like boa. Can anyone make any recommendations to which is the best
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20 Nov 10
I am wondering why your horse had to have his shoes taken off. If he/she is having trouble wearing shoes you may need to try someone else as your farrier.
22 Nov 10
Hello Thank you for your response He had to have his shoes of because he got sore heels and the pressure of the shoes wasn't helping. He's 20 years old now but still very active. He's had his shoes off a year and now his heels are alot better so I'm not going to put shoes back on but I would like to take him out riding.
@carbm65 (18)
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19 Oct 10
I have never used hoof boots and do not know enough about them to make a recommendation. What I do know from experience from other horse riders that leaving them natural is the best. Good hoof care goes a long way beyond a good boot or shoes.
20 Oct 10
Hello I totally agree. I've taken his shoes off over a year ago and his movement is alot better. Its a little stoney where I ride him and I just want to put something on when we go out. Thank you for comments