Is India ready to organise Olympics

@msdivkar (1903)
October 18, 2010 6:41am CST
Hi everybody, Most controversial XIX common wealth games 2010 held at Delhi, India are over organised successfully at the end. Thanks to the capabilities of our organising staff, otherwise our politicians had made all arrangements to bungle the games to meet their selfish ends. XIX C.W.G. meet have been most successful for Indian athletes. They have performed miraculously in this meet bagging 38 gold medals out of the total 101 medals overall overpowering more fancied England and Canada to bag second spot after Australia. This is in comparison to 22 gold medals and 50 overall placed fourth after Australia, England and Canada in previous version of the games held in Melbourne Australia in 2006. Our athletes have announced to the world that India has arrived on the world sporting scene. Every time big meets like Olympics or Asiad takes place and athletes arrive empty handed there would be big hue and cry in the country regretting the poor show by the second largest populated nation in the world. This will go on for some time and then forgot till the next such big event takes place. Now that India showed its capability to successfully host the big sporting event and the sporting capabilities of her athletes do you thing India should bid for the Olympics to be held in 2020 or 2024?
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18 Oct 10
Though we did well to organise the event still to organise olympics needs much more efforts.But i strongly believe idians can win more medals in olympic if it happens in india .
@msdivkar (1903)
• India
19 Oct 10
Thank you vijay for contributing to the discussion.
20 Oct 10
2024 I think is a more realistic goal than 2020. I don't know exactly who was to blame for the Commonwealths organisation, but the way it was portrayed in the Western media (I'm in the UK) is that India was absolutely convinced that it could run things without any outside help - when the realisation dawned that they DID need extra help, it was very nearly too late. I think India is a definite Olympic candidate, but what concerns me is the level of corruption that the various politicians and Delhi city authorities are alleged to have been involved in - if this isn't tackled, then I can't see the IOC awarding the Olympics for decades to come. Also, I think the IOC will want to see if Indian athletes can carry their Commonwealth form into events like the Asian Games, London Olympics etc. so that there is a competitive Indian team in many different sports - this is one of the concerns about Great Britain, because in some sports (basketball, handball, volleyball) we're very weak and and there was talk about not allowing Britain to take up their host nation spot in these sports, as our standard is so low. I can't see the IOC allowing this to happen again.