Who do you think gossip more, boys or girls?

October 18, 2010 8:48am CST
I personally dont have anything against girls but as far as i know girls chit chat a lot.Its not just the young girls, even aged woman are hooked up to gossiping,its either about another woman or the feminine problems but boys are more bold in their outlook and dont care about stuff like gossip.And men they are woven into their professional life.Its more evident among housewives i guess who find a lot of free time. This is not a topic to fight about rather to gain information so please dont be aggravated. Please be truthful
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• United States
18 Oct 10
I do find that both men and women with just too much time on their hands have a tendency to find detail out of every subject and have the need to digress their feelings just about anything. It is widely thought that women can be the heavier gossipers but believe me I know quite a few men who also are very prone to such activity.
• India
19 Oct 10
more responses would help us know for sure