Have you ever been back-stabbed by a friend whom you trusted?

@mira91 (988)
October 18, 2010 9:10am CST
So i had a friend who i wasn't quite close to, but i trusted her enough to disclose something personal which involved my feelings towards this certain guy. I expected her to keep it to herself,i expected her to be a friend, but what happened was later i found out the truth that she got together with that guy whom i told her i had feelings for. What hurt me the most was that she didn't even have the guts to tell me. I mean, if she had told me, i would have understood that he and her likes each other and i would have supported her instead because a crush is just a crush. But the fact that she is sneaking around thinking i don't know a single thing just insults my intelligence and i feel betrayed because i think she told him about my feelings towards him due to some events which occurred. She hasn't even come up to me to try to say sorry or explain things to me. Ever since then, i have not been talking to her or showing her even the least bit of attention since our friendship means this little to her. I am really hurt by her behaviour. If you have some stories about how you were betrayed by a friend you trusted, do share. Maybe you can tell me what you think of my story? :)
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@fiazio (736)
• India
18 Oct 10
Hello, I'm pretty sure most of us have been through the same thing. I have many times been back stabbed by friends i trusted, i think over time it developed our human reading and predicting sense, if you've been back stabbed before you won't let it happen again. I think time will teach us everything we need in life