What do you love about being a parent?

@takie23 (142)
October 18, 2010 2:02pm CST
As a parent , what do you love about it?
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• Malaysia
19 Oct 10
As a parent I love to watch my baby giggles, make funny faces, make an ugly face when they cry, looking at their chubby fingers, watching their first milestone, talking to them and watching favourite shows with them. Being a parent I can almost go back to my baby's age because I get to play toys that I played when I was little.
@AKRao24 (21993)
• India
18 Oct 10
After all we are also animals...or to be more sophesticated we are social animals! So naturally our duties as a parent include safe guard of the young one physically and mentally, providing basic needs to him/her, providing all possible luxuries to have a best possible life that we can afford to give. These are all basic needs to be fulfilled. But now since we are much evolved creatures in the animal kingdom and we live in a society it becomes our moral responsibility to prepare our kids to live in harmony in the society, we need to teach them manners and etequettes, we need to teach many new things by ourselves apart from sending them to schools or colleges. While doing all the above said things we unknowingly develop an attachment and a sort of permanant bond with our kids and we call it as affection and love. Without knowing to our selves the kids they grow up to become our best friends and before realising they start sharing our feelings and well beings. This mutual care and affection for each other by the kid and and the p[arent is all what I feel as the crux of the relationship. I always try to be as friendly as possible with my son, I love and express that I do so to him and repremand him also if I feel that he is wrong! But then you know with the passing of time my kid is now 24+ and he is taken up a job after graduating in Engineering, But for me and my wife still he is a Kid and we like to see him like a Kid! He is affectinate, caring, sincere and obidient about which I think any parent in this World should be proud of! Thanks ! Good topic of discussion ! I loved participating in it!